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    The Authentic Brazil Seed Supplement for Weight Control now available in USA

    Highest Quality, Best Price, FDA Compliant Packaging for Sale in USA - Shipped fast from California. 

    What it is: 

    Brazil seed is an all-natural supplement. It's quite literally an amazing portion of the Brazil Nut, carefully harvested, prepared and packaged to be used for it's Weight Control properties. 

    What it does: 

    Brazil Seed is high in CLA, trace minerals and other essential fatty acids that may help your body metabolize stored fats, use it for energy and has helped thousands of customers drop in Weight and Sizes*. 

    How you use it: 

    It's the simplest thing you could add to your Weight Loss Strategy! You simply take 1 piece of the seed at night with some water. Just swallow it like a pill. Then during the day remember to drink plenty of Water and eat some food (or supplement) with potassium in it. 

    What can I expect? 

    The high concentration of essential fatty acids make it so that the first few days you can feel it act as a Cleansing Detox. (Read: You'll be going to the bathroom more!). 

    Some customers experience muscle soreness - like you just ran a marathon! But that's good, think about it, how else would your body burn those extra pounds? 

    But aside from that, usually within the first 30 days you experience a decrease in size - jeans fit better, clothes are a bit loose. Then within the next 60-90+ days you commonly start experiencing weight loss. 

    If you want to know more head over to our FAQ Section for more questions and answers. 

    *Remember this is a 100% Natural Supplement. There are no additives, no formulas. Individual Results will vary and are not guaranteed. See FAQ for restrictions. 

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